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Monkey Puzzle

Written by Julia Donaldson

''I've lost my mum!''
''Hush, little monkey, don't cry, I'll help you find her,'' said Butterfly.
But somehow Butterfly keeps getting it wrong. Will Monkey ever find his mum?

Monkey Puzzle book cover

Axel says:

I drew lots of monkeys on my sketch book before I decided on the look of the little monkey who lost his mum. This book is a little different from all the other books with Julia as all the pictures are double spreads. I enjoyed drawing all the different kinds of animals and the jungle vegetation - which I kind of made up (unlike Henry Rousseau when he did his jungle paintings, who went to the botanical gardens). It was the first time I could do the skies separately from the foreground - they were put together on a computer by the publisher.

Monkey sketches

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