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Axel is really really busy drawing beautiful illustrations for all his fantastic picture books that children love and enjoy. So he doesn't have any extra time to answer fanmail personally or take on individual drawing requests, and he only accepts manuscripts from his current publishers. He doesn’t take on advertising commissions either.

BUT… you can see whether Axel might be doing an event or book signing near you… or you could see the answers to some of the questions he’s usually asked. Or perhaps you might like to buy a piece of Axel's artwork?

For anything to do with his books you can contact his publishers:

Please put 'Axel Scheffler' in the subject line.

An accessibility statement from Axel's web pixies

We have done our very best to try and make Axel's website accessible to as many people and devices as possible. If you are having a problem accessing any of the content on the site please contact us at

Please note, these emails won't reach Axel personally.

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