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You're a Hero, Daley B

Written by Jon Blake

Daley B's life is full of questions. What is he? Where should he live? What should he eat? But the question he finds most perplexing of all is why his feet are so big. Jazzy D, the weasel, pays him a visit and puts him straight as to his identity, before pouncing for the kill. Quick as a flash Daley B turns his back and kicks the weasel up in the air and back to where he came from. The other rabbits jump and cheer. "You're a hero Daley B!" they cry. "That's funny," says Daley B. "I thought I was a rabbit".

You're a Hero, Daley B book cover

Axel says:

This was my very first picture book. It took a while for somebody to find the right text for me. A rabbit with an identity crisis seems like quite a good theme for an illustrator at the beginning of his career. My style was a lot simpler then - I spent less time with the details. It got translated into several languages and it felt like a good start.


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